We've Eliminated The Primary Cause of Battery Fires

Troublesome Plastic Film Separator Material is Now History

Nuvola Technology is a new battery material product company emerging from stealth mode development. The company has developed a groundbreaking battery separator technology, enabling EV and other high-energy battery manufacturers to build much safer and more profitable products.

Introducing SafeCoat DDS (Direct Deposition Separator)

Battery diagram showing anode and cathode with SafeCoat DDS
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    Eliminates film separator manufacturing defects – the cause of battery thermal runaway

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    Increased active battery material volume improves energy density up to 20%

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    Replaces the manufacturing rate-limiting film separator folding with a high-speed, scalable coating process

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    Enables a major manufacturing yield improvement via in-line inspection

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    Excellent performance – exceeds premium-grade plastic film separator material

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    Highly cost-competitive with traditional film material

SaeCoat DDS Delivery system diagram showing electrode encapsulated with Safecoat DDS

Nimbus ZEA (Z-Fold Electrode Architecture) Making Small Batteries Last Up to 16x Longer in Wireless Applications

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    Replaces today's small coin cell battery volume-hungry coiled electrodes with a new Z-Fold structure – improving battery life for rechargeable wireless applications such as TWS by up to 50%.

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    A perfect electrode technology for TWS, hearing devices, and small wireless IoT sensors – where long battery life really counts

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    A game-changing high surface area electrode structure that delivers the immediate high power draw required by Bluetooth-intensive apps – a dramatic improvement in time between recharging

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    Suitable for a wide range of coin cell formats and shapes as thin as 1 mm


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