Give Us 30 Minutes at AABC 2023 to Fill You in On How We Are Eliminating Battery Fires and Improving Manufacturing Yield

Nuvola Technology is a California-based advanced battery materials company that has developed the award-winning SafeCoat DDS™, a direct deposition polymer separator technology.

Eliminating Sheet Separator Material From Your Battery Designs

SafeCoat DDS completely replaces the troublesome plastic sheet separator material used in today’s battery manufacturing process. The ingenious spray-on polymer
separator coating fully encapsulates and protects the battery’s electrodes from a thermal runaway and a potential fire while improving battery performance, yield, and

Winning Technology Awards

Selected as one of the winners in LG Energy Solution’s recent Battery Challenge (showing off some of the latest advances in battery materials technology), SafeCoat DDS is being evaluated by some leading battery manufacturers worldwide.

We Want to Bring You Up to Speed

Let’s get together at AABC 2023 for a short meeting, and we can fill you in on SafeCoat DDS and the significant technical progress we are making as we advance to full productization.

For more information on Nuvola and our advanced separator technology, please click here.

Please choose a convenient meeting time below. We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference to let you know all about SafeCoat DDS.

If a meeting time that fits with your schedule is not available, please feel free to contact Tom Lee at +1 512 659 2085 or to set up a time to talk after the conference.

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